Flu Clinic Saturday 10th October 2020


You are feeling  feverish or unwell on the day.

if you or any member of your household has developed a new cough or fever or lost their sense or taste or smell in the 14 days.

You have ever had an anaphylactic reaction to flu vaccine.

You have ever had a severe anaphylactic reaction to egg.

You have any allergies to any medicines.

You are taking any medicines that affect you immune system e.g chemotherapy.

You have any illnesses that affect your immune system as it may be advisable for members of your household to also be vaccinated.

You have already received a dose of the flu vaccine  this season.

Please be aware that only those who have received a text message/ letter/ phone call inviting them to have a flu vaccine eligible.

If you have not received an invite, but believe that you are at risk and eligible for the vaccine, we would request that you book an appointment with a nurse to discuss this.

Thank you.

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